Leading economic advancement & Direction


Leading Economic Advancement & Direction (LEAD) Columbia County is a registered 501(c)(3) arm of the Chamber of Commerce.

Through the LEAD program we feel that we can better serve our buisiness community by opening up the scope of funding and financing for the programming that we want to achieve here locally.  With LEAD we can draw on the vast number of grant opportunities out there, as well as an array of giving opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be available.

Starting in early 2019 you will see the new programming take effect as the funding comes in. These opportunities are expected to include:

Classroom education courses for local business

Leadership programs that can advance the direction of your business

Tax advice available part time at the Chamber

Funding for additional staff to promote membership

Upgrades to our database and systems

A new startup business Give-And-Get store at the Chamber

Improvements to our classroom facility

Initializing our pop up shop program

Creating a more robust networking program

Upgrading our office facility to better serve members

Offer grant opportunities

We feel that LEAD can drive local business in the way that other organizations cannot. We can adapt to the needs of our community and reach a vast spectrum of needs, without being pigeonholed into a certain singular mission.